Any applicant seeking a new water connection to the Whitworth Water District system, or a change to an existing water service, must fill out and sign a Water Service Application and Agreement. For access to the Water Service Agreement click here.

Water service will not be connected until this application/agreement is completed, signed, returned, and approved by District staff. The applicant hereby applies to the District for water service to be supplied at the service address set forth above. In consideration of said service, the applicant agrees to pay for said water at the rates now or hereafter established by the District as bills are rendered therefore from the date service is provided until notice is provided to the District to discontinue the service, and further agrees to be bound by all rules, regulations and ordinances, now or hereafter established by the District. The applicant further agrees to pay the District all bills rendered relating to the service connection. All accounts are subject to the current minimum charge regardless of water usage. Visit www.whitworthwater.com for current base and usage rates. Applicant acknowledges that water systems require maintenance, therefore, the District does not and cannot guarantee that there will not be service interruptions.