District Repayment Plan Program


The District’s Repayment Plan provides customers that have outstanding past due balances the opportunity to spread repayment of the balance over a six-month timeframe. Successful admission into the Program will ensure customers avoid penalties and shut offs due to non-payment if agreed to payment plan terms are adhered to by customer.


The Program is not available to those customers that are on the District’s active shut-off list or have previously defaulted on a District payment plan.

Program Terms:

-Customers desiring to set-up a payment plan must fill out, sign, and submit the online Application Form prior to being shut-off by the District. Only online submissions will be accepted so please do not mail in your application.

-Tenants can apply although the District may request landlord (owner) authorization prior to application approval.

– The Program provides up to six months to repay outstanding balances so long as current balances remain paid in full during this time frame.

-The monthly repayment will be 1/6th of the past due balance plus full payment of all current charges while in the Program. There is no fee nor interest incurred while in the Program.

-If monthly total invoice amount is not paid in full, and received by the invoice due date, the customer will have defaulted from Program.

-Should a customer default from Program, District policy states that all delinquent account balances will be assessed a 10% penalty and be shut-off and remain shut-off until total past due balance is paid in full.

– In addition, delinquent accounts will incur a minimum shut-off fee of $25.00 which will be added to any past due account balance. After successful repayment of past due balance, a minimum of a $25.00 turn-on fee will be added to the customers next statement balance.


Please fill out all applicable fields below. Only online submissions of this form will be accepted so please do not print and mail in your application. Once submitted, you will receive an email reply notification from the District that stating that it was successfully received. It may take up to five business days for staff to review and email customers on application status. If you should not receive notification from District staff on the status of your application within one week of submission, please contact us at (509) 466-0550 during normal business hours.