General Facilities Charge

A General Facilities Charge (GFC) is a one-time charge imposed as a condition of service on new connections to the water system. The charge represents a proportional share of the capital investment made to provide system capacity. These charges do not include costs associated with the physical connection to the system including meters, materials, labor and other miscellaneous charges. Estimates for these costs and other services are available upon request at the District Office.

These fees are:

3/4-inch meter size – $2,580

1-inch meter size – $4,300

2-inch meter size – $13,438

For connections larger than a 2-inch meter size, a site-specific determination, or non-standard schedule path, can be used to establish a General Facilities Charge (GFC) based on the total equivalent residential units (ERU). the current charge per ERU is $4,300. As an alternate to the non-standard schedule path, an applicant may choose to instead apply the standard schedule path to determine the GFC Schedule.