Do you take credit cards?

Your bill can be paid in person at the office with cash, check, debit card, credit card, mailed in with a check or money order, dropped in the drop box in front of the office, paid through your banks bill pay and paid through Xpress bill pay using debit, credit and electronic funds transfer.

When is my bill due?

The last day of the month following the billing date.

What bill payment services do you have available online?

The District’s new online payment system is Xpress Bill Pay. Xpress Bill Pay provides secure payment processing.

  • Xpress bill pay
  • View the actual bill and payment details online
  • Pay with an electronic check, credit card or debit card
  • Receive online payment confirmations and notices
  • Make and schedule your payments online
  • Enroll in Auto-Pay to avoid late fees
  • Sign up to Go Paperless and receive statements in your email.

If you have questions about using the system, you may email or call the Xpress Bill Pay support line: 1-800-766-2350.

Why do you bill for streetlights?

Whitworth Water District bills for streetlights as courtesy for Avista Utilities. If you notice a light out or have any further questions about a street light, you can contact Avista Utilities directly by clicking here.

What is a booster account?

A booster account is an account set up specifically for your area. When the District needs to keep the pressure up at your house, they boost the water to your house through a booster station. There is a small monthly fee for this service.

Where is the water rate schedule?

The rate schedule is located under the water rates and services tab on the home screen. You can also access it by clicking here.

What is an assessment charge?

An assessment charge is a charge that everyone in an area is charged for the cost of bringing water to their area (laying pipe, upgrading the previous system). This charge is in addition to connecting a service to a property.

How do I find out the balance owing on my assessment?

To find out how much is owed on your assessment either call the District office at (509) 466-0550, or email

Do you add fluoride to the water?

Whitworth Water does not add fluoride to the water.

Should I contact Whitworth Water when I sell my home, or buy a new one?

Yes, we appreciate being able to have current contact information and knowing what Title Company or Closing Attorney to contact if we have questions on the transfer. Another option is to visit Manage Your Account section under the Customer Service section to report the information yourself. You can access the Manage Your Account section by clicking here.

What is the hardness of the water?

To find out the hardness of your water call the District office at (509) 466-0550.

What is the water pressure at my residence?

To find out the water pressure at your residence call the Operations Department at (509) 466-7511 and we will send out a technician to check your water pressure.

Restoring Water Service

When Water is Shut off for non-payment.

Whenever possible the District will restore water service as soon as possible after all outstanding bills have been paid in full. You must come into the District office when making a payment to restore water service. In order to have water service restored after District business hours, an overtime charge of $120.00 plus tax and the total account past due balance will be due at time of service before water service can be restored.

How did my water get shut off?

Water service may be shut off due to:

Non-payment: Customers that have a delinquent account are subject to shut off. Before service is shut off, Whitworth Water District will provide the following notices:

1st Notice: Next bill statement – Which will state current bill amount plus previous amount owed.

2nd Notice: A delinquent notice will be sent out mid-month in the mail.

3rd Notice: Pink door hanger – A pink door hanger will be placed on the door of the property. This is a courtesy reminder that the property is scheduled for shut off for non-payment.

Shut off – The water will remain shut off until your bill is paid in full including all late fees and shut off charges. There is a $25.00 plus tax fee for water shut off and a $25.00 plus tax fee to restore service.

A water emergency.

Non-compliance: You have denied access to Whitworth Water District for reading or repairing your meter.

Fraud: If a customer has committed fraud against the District.

Public Safety: Emergencies or health and safety violations have occurred.

Have another question?

Just call the District Office at (509) 466-0550 and one of our friendly associates will help you out!