Labor & Equipment Rates

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Dump Truck
1 Operations Employee
Call Out After Hours
Tapping Gun Fee (4″ or larger)
Trench box
Mini Excavator
Hydro Vac, Tow by Truck
On/Off Charge
Project Administrator Fee
Water Samples
Project Inspector Fee
Hydrant Permits
1 Month
$43.00 per hour
$58.00 per hour
$47.00 per hour
$120.00 minimum
$23.00 per hour
$100.00 flat fee
$50.00 flat fee
$45.00 per hour
$53.00 per hour
$25.00 per trip
$200.00 per project
$35.00 each
$95.00 per hour, plus mileage
$500.00 Deposit
$250.00 + Usage**
$1,000.00 + Usage**
  • * Equipment rates based on 2019 Federal Schedule of Equipment Rates (FEMA)
  • **Usage charged at the current District commercial metered water rate. See for current rates.