Interest on all rates, charges and penalties certified as delinquent is 8% per year or the highest amount permitted by law, whichever is greater.

Other charges deemed reasonable by the Board will be applied for services including, but not limited to, shutting off or turn on of service, returned checks, the setup of new accounts, filing of liens, freeze ups, RF installation and hydrant permits.

A charge of $150.00 plus the cost of repairing the main valve or meter will be assessed for an illegal turn-on where the water to the property has been turned off by the District.

Whenever a request is made that the District change the name and/or address of an account, the District shall charge and collect an amount of $10.00 for such change. Said change shall be added to the first water bill sent to that account after the change is made.

All labor, material and miscellaneous charges borne by Whitworth Water District will likewise be passed on to the customer receiving the service.

After hours call outs will be billed out at a two hour minimum ($187.00) regardless of the amount of time spent at the residence. An additional $93.50 will be charged for each hour work is being performed. Charges will be broken down into half hour increments if needed. 


Any form of consumption or excise tax charged as a cost to the District shall be passed on to each customer by adding such tax to each customer’s statement or as charges in such a manner as the District deems reasonable.


The District operates street light systems in accordance with RCW 57.08.060 and each owner of a lot located in a development where Whitworth Water District operates a system will be billed for the lot’s proportional share of the costs of operating the system.