Water service may be shut off due to:

Non-payment: Customers that have a delinquent account are subject to shut off. Before service is shut off, Whitworth Water District will provide the following notices:

1st Notice: Next bill statement – Which will state current bill amount plus previous amount owed.

2nd Notice: A delinquent notice will be sent out mid-month in the mail.

3rd Notice: Pink door hanger – A pink door hanger will be placed on the door of the property. This is a courtesy reminder that the property is scheduled for shut off for non-payment. There is a $5.00+tax fee for this service.

Shut off – The water will remain shut off until your bill is paid in full including all late fees and shut off charges. There is a $15.00 plus tax for water shut off and a $15.00 plus tax fee to restore service.

Lien on property – A lien may be placed on a delinquent property for non-payment, a fee will be charged for all County charges incurred by the District.

Non-compliance: You have denied access to Whitworth Water District for reading or repairing your meter.

Fraud: If a customer has committed fraud against the District.

Public Safety: Emergencies or health and safety violations have occurred.