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Chlorinating the Northern Part of the Water System

The District is currently adding a maintenance dose of chlorine to the northern part of the water system. The District does not plan to continue chlorination long-term. Residuals may still be tasted or smelled for a few weeks.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact District Staff at (509) 466-0550

Well Pump Outage – Updates

Monday – August 22, 2022 Motor outage update – 6:00pm Monday – Staff was successful installing and running the new motor.  Our well is now back up.  We are lifting all voluntary watering reductions effective immediately.  We cannot thank our customers enough for helping us through this emergency.  Thank you! Sunday – August 21, 2022 […]


NOTE TO DISTRICT CUSTOMERS May 1, 2020 The District Board and staff would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all area first-responders, medical professionals, and other essential businesses operating within our community. While these continue to be difficult times, we are heartened by the courtesy and appreciation you -our customers– show our staff members […]


Notice is hereby given that Whitworth Water District has surplus property which will be sold in a silent public auction to the highest bidders.  Items must be bid on individually with only the Ford Ranger and the John Deere mower having minimum reserve pricing required (see below).  Items for sale include: 2007 6 cylinder Ford […]

2020 Proposed Rate Increase

The Whitworth Water District Board of Commissioners are considering an increase to 2020 water rates at their annual Budget, Rate, and Conservation Strategy Hearing on December 19th.   Due to effective budgeting, and no unforeseen emergency expenses in 2019, the District is able to keep the proposed rate increase to the previously anticipated five percent (5%).  […]