Well Pump Outage – Updates

Monday – August 22, 2022

Motor outage update – 6:00pm Monday – Staff was successful installing and running the new motor.  Our well is now back up.  We are lifting all voluntary watering reductions effective immediately.  We cannot thank our customers enough for helping us through this emergency.  Thank you!

Sunday – August 21, 2022

Well Motor Outage – Update 1:00pm Sunday – A new motor was sent from California last night and has arrived at the District offices.  Some electrical prep is required before the motor can be placed.  Our goal is to install the new motor in the well house tomorrow and Tuesday with voluntary watering reductions ending Tuesday afternoon.  We will continue to update customers as more information is available.  We appreciate your assistance and understanding.

Saturday – August 20, 2022

This morning we had one of our large well­­ motors catastrophically fail.  We have asked customers in the District to reduce their outdoor watering to the essentials.  For those that have already done their part, we appreciate it.

Staff hopes to have a new motor installed by Tuesday and we will continue to provide updates as they become available.