Well Pump Outage – Updates

Monday – August 22, 2022

Motor outage update – 6:00pm Monday – Staff was successful installing and running the new motor.  Our well is now back up.  We are lifting all voluntary watering reductions effective immediately.  We cannot thank our customers enough for helping us through this emergency.  Thank you!

Sunday – August 21, 2022

Well Motor Outage – Update 1:00pm Sunday – A new motor was sent from California last night and has arrived at the District offices.  Some electrical prep is required before the motor can be placed.  Our goal is to install the new motor in the well house tomorrow and Tuesday with voluntary watering reductions ending Tuesday afternoon.  We will continue to update customers as more information is available.  We appreciate your assistance and understanding.

Saturday – August 20, 2022

This morning we had one of our large well­­ motors catastrophically fail.  We have asked customers in the District to reduce their outdoor watering to the essentials.  For those that have already done their part, we appreciate it.

Staff hopes to have a new motor installed by Tuesday and we will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Whitworth Water District Receives State Auditor Award

The Latest News



May 1, 2020

The District Board and staff would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all area first-responders, medical professionals, and other essential businesses operating within our community.

While these continue to be difficult times, we are heartened by the courtesy and appreciation you -our customers– show our staff members each and every day. Thank you! It makes a big difference. Our Operations staff remains committed to providing essential services in the field on a daily basis and continues to take safety precautions including practicing safe social distancing. Please understand that the staff is not being standoffish when avoiding hand-shaking. They are just trying to adhere to these social distancing standards.

The current pandemic has recently impacted many of our customers. We realize that this may mean a loss of income and difficult choices in managing financial resources. With this in mind, the District until further notice will continue to waive all late fees and penalties, as well as halt shutoffs and delinquency notices on past due accounts.

We do, however, urge you to communicate with our Customer Service Specialists (via phone or email) to set up arrangements for payment. A payment plan will help ensure that any past due balances (after the stay-at-home order is lifted) will not incur late fees or be shutoff – as long as the customer keeps to the terms of the plan.

Our Customer Service Specialists can be reached weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. by calling (509) 466-0550 or emailing Billing@whitworthwater.com.

Thank you for all that you do and for being the best part of Whitworth Water District. Meanwhile, we will continue to keep that high-quality water flowing your way.



Notice is hereby given that Whitworth Water District has surplus property which will be sold in a silent public auction to the highest bidders.  Items must be bid on individually with only the Ford Ranger and the John Deere mower having minimum reserve pricing required (see below). 

Items for sale include: 2007 6 cylinder Ford Ranger 4X2 w/ 60,000 miles – minimum reserve base bid price of $2,300

John Deere 4X4 1445 Series 60” deck commercial mower w/ hydraulic high lift dump with 1200 hours – minimum reserve base bid price of $10,500 with trailer

500-gallon military style water buffalo on wheeled trailer

Storage cabinet

Various office letter-sized filing cabinets

Laser printer


Various office electronics

4-burner Brinkman barbeque grill

Bunn two-burner coffee machine

The Ford Ranger will have a minimum reserve base bid price of $2,300 while the John Deere mower will have a minimum reserve base bid price of $10,500 with trailer.  The condition of all equipment and appurtenances are “AS-IS” and WITH ALL FAULTS. Further, Whitworth Water District provides no warranty of any kind including, without limitation, fitness for any particular purpose, and makes no representation whatsoever concerning the performance and quality of items.

Auction is being conducted by silent auction. All bids must be sealed and submitted no later than 3:00pm on Thursday 01/16/20 to the District office located at: 17401 N Newport Rd. Mead, WA 99021. Highest bidder will be notified on or after 01/16/20. The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids for good cause. To schedule a viewing or receive additional information, please contact Tom McInerney at (509) 466-0550.

2020 Proposed Rate Increase

The Whitworth Water District Board of Commissioners are considering an increase to 2020 water rates at their annual Budget, Rate, and Conservation Strategy Hearing on December 19th.   Due to effective budgeting, and no unforeseen emergency expenses in 2019, the District is able to keep the proposed rate increase to the previously anticipated five percent (5%). 

The Board will also be considering the adoption of a revised conservation tiered rate structure.  The District’s existing and proposed tiered rates are based on a volumetric usage scale meaning that as usage increases, so too does the rate.  An attempt was made to minimize the impacts to the majority of the District’s customers while encouraging those extremely high water users to conserve.  The better the District is at curbing excessive summertime peak water usage, the better positioned the District will be at delaying and defraying some of the large capital projects costs necessary to keep up with such high demands.

The 2020 proposed rate increase and the revised conservation tiered rate structure are below. 

Current Rates – 2019  
Monthly Water Service Charge $21.00
Commercial Additional Unit Charge $11.55
Allowance: 0 – 1,000 cubic feet Included
Tier 1: 1,001 – 3,700 cubic feet $0.0038
Tier 2: 3,701 – 14,000 cubic feet $0.0050
Tier 3: > 14,000 cubic feet $0.0061
Proposed 2020 Rates  
Monthly Water Service Charge $22.05
Allowance: 0 – 1,000 cubic feet Included
Tier 1: 1,001 – 3,700 cubic feet $0.0040
Tier 2: 3,701 – 10,000 cubic feet $0.0055
Tier 3: > 10,001 – 15,000 cubic feet $0.0070
Tier 4: > 15,000 cubic feet $0.0100
Proposed 2020 Rates  
Monthly Water Service Charge $22.05
Commercial Additional Unit Charge $14.33
Allowance: 0 – 1,000 cubic feet Included
Tier 1: 1,001 – 3,700 cubic feet $0.0040
Tier 2: 3,701 – 10,000 cubic feet $0.0055
Tier 3: > 10,001 cubic feet $0.0070

The Monthly Water Service Charge will be charged for each single-family and commercial unit connected to a District water meter. A single-family unit is defined by the District as any individual house or mobile home and each unit of a condominium, duplex, triplex or fourplex. The Monthly Water Service Charge includes the usage of up to one-thousand cubic-feet (approximately 7,500 gallons) of water. Units using over one-thousand cubic-feet of water will incur an additional volume charge per cubic-foot (approximately 7.5 gallons) as listed in the table above.

Motels, hotels, boarding houses, apartment units, and office buildings will pay a $22.05 Monthly Water Service Charge plus $12.13 per month for each unit available for rental whether it is rented or not. The one-thousand cubic-foot (approximately 7,500 gallons) Monthly Water Service Charge allowance will not apply to this category but will rather be charged per cubic-foot (approximately 7.5 gallons) starting at tier one rates.

RV Parks and others not mentioned above who provide transient accommodations will pay a $22.05 Monthly Water Service Charge per building unit plus the metered rate on the combined building(s) and transient space water usage. The one-thousand cubic-foot (approximately 7,500 gallons) Monthly Water Service Charge allowance will not apply to this category but will rather be charged per cubic-foot (approximately 7.5 gallons) starting at tier one rates.

Retirement homes, nursing homes and homes for the aged will pay a $22.05 Monthly Water Service Charge, $6.07 for each unit whether occupied or not, plus the metered rate. The one-thousand cubic-foot (approximately 7,500 gallons) Monthly Water Service Charge allowance will not apply to this category but will rather be charged per cubic-foot (approximately 7.5 gallons) starting at tier one rates.

Every other water user type not specifically mentioned above will pay the metered rate defined in the 2020 Rate Schedule Table.

*Note that some older District meters only read to the 100 cubic-foot and will be charged based on each 100 cubic-foot utilized.


Road Construction – Mill Road



Whitworth Water District #2 (District), pursuant to and in compliance with RCW 39.04.270, is requesting proposals for either a hosted or in-house server based utility and financial data processing software solution from companies specializing in local government and utility sectors.

Instructions to submitters will be available starting May 1st, free of charge and may be picked up at Whitworth Water District, located at 17401 N. Newport Rd. Mead, WA 99021 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Instructions for submitters are available by clicking here.


To receive consideration, responses must be submitted in accordance with the following instructions:

1.All response submittals shall be sealed and delivered to:

Whitworth Water District #2
Attention – Tim Murrell, General Manager
17401 N. Newport Rd.
Mead, WA 99021

2.Submit four (4) copies of the response by 2:00 p.m. (PST) May 31, 2019; and

3.The envelope must be clearly marked “Electronic Data Processing Software”; and

4.Modifications to submissions may be submitted prior to the date and time specified for receipt of submissions; and

The District reserves the right to reject any responses for good cause, and can utilize its sole discretion to accept the submittal it considers most advantageous to the District’s interests. The District also has the right to waive minor irregularities in procedures.

Click below for Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers to RFP

Employment Opportunity

Salary: $48,152 – $54,537 Dependent on Qualifications and Experience

Organization Overview: The Whitworth Water District is a State of Washington Title 57 water district that provides potable water service to domestic and commercial customers in the North Spokane area. Headquartered in Spokane County, the District’s service area extends from the City of Spokane north to the community of Chattaroy. Whitworth Water District has 9,600 active service connections that provide water service to approximately 30,000 customers in a roughly 60 square-mile area. The District operates 300 miles of pipe delivering water from 16 wells, 13 reservoirs, 15 booster stations, and 6 pressures zones. The District is operated by 16 employees and is led by the General Manager and a five-member Board of Commissioners.

Position Summary:

Whitworth Water District is seeking to fill the position of Water Maintenance II. The Water Maintenance II position will perform duties assigned and possess the ability to develop skills in the tapping of water service lines, installation of water meters, maintenance of water distribution system, meter reading, service, and repair, and construction of a water distribution system.  The work is heavy in nature, performed under adverse weather conditions and requires normal mental and visual strain.  Establish and maintain excellent public relations with customers and resolve customer problems in a positive manner. Employee is subject to respond to call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergency water problems as well as to complete essential work at the end of a normal eight hour shift. Employee is also subject to rotational one week periods of after hour call outs.

Qualification Requirements:

  • Good physical condition and health
  • See well enough to read fine print and detect color in order to do detailed work like wiring ARB meter hookups.
  • Hear and speak well enough to converse on the phone and radio
  • Body movement to walk, stoop and crawl in attics and under houses
  • Able to climb water tanks up to 125 feet high.
  • Manual dexterity to write legibly and perform detailed field tasks.
  • Strength to lift, carry, drag and operate equipment, like a jack hammer, weighing up to 90 pounds.
  • Stamina to work for up to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and during emergency operations as deemed necessary.
  • Tolerance to work under adverse conditions like in dust and pollen, outdoors in heat and cold, and in confined, awkward spaces.

How to Apply:

Please go to www.whitworthwater.com/employment-opportunities/ to view the entire job description including qualification requirements and to download application materials. The following constitutes a complete application package in the following order:

  1. Letter of Interest
  2. Resume
  3. Completion of the District’s Application for Employment

Complete application packages must be emailed to Tom McInerney at tomm@whitworthwater.com, or mailed to: Whitworth Water District – Attention Human Resources, 17401 N Newport Rd. Mead, WA 99021.

All Applicants Must Have Submitted all Documents by Wednesday April 3, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. Position Open Until Filled.