Notice is hereby given that Whitworth Water District has surplus property which will be sold in a silent public auction to the highest bidders.  Items must be bid on individually with only the Ford Ranger and the John Deere mower having minimum reserve pricing required (see below). 

Items for sale include: 2007 6 cylinder Ford Ranger 4X2 w/ 60,000 miles – minimum reserve base bid price of $2,300

John Deere 4X4 1445 Series 60” deck commercial mower w/ hydraulic high lift dump with 1200 hours – minimum reserve base bid price of $10,500 with trailer

500-gallon military style water buffalo on wheeled trailer

Storage cabinet

Various office letter-sized filing cabinets

Laser printer


Various office electronics

4-burner Brinkman barbeque grill

Bunn two-burner coffee machine

The Ford Ranger will have a minimum reserve base bid price of $2,300 while the John Deere mower will have a minimum reserve base bid price of $10,500 with trailer.  The condition of all equipment and appurtenances are “AS-IS” and WITH ALL FAULTS. Further, Whitworth Water District provides no warranty of any kind including, without limitation, fitness for any particular purpose, and makes no representation whatsoever concerning the performance and quality of items.

Auction is being conducted by silent auction. All bids must be sealed and submitted no later than 3:00pm on Thursday 01/16/20 to the District office located at: 17401 N Newport Rd. Mead, WA 99021. Highest bidder will be notified on or after 01/16/20. The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids for good cause. To schedule a viewing or receive additional information, please contact Tom McInerney at (509) 466-0550.